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  • I contacted Malek Heating & Cooling just by chance. I was looking for a company who knew about gas boilers. They came out for the first time 4 years ago when my boiler died out on a very very cold winter day. I have been using their services ever since. I even replaced that 35 year boiler through them. They continue to be connected to me and what I need to prepare for the summer A/C and the winter heat. All the servicemen I have had at my home have been professional and efficient. I am very grateful that I found them on YELP when I needed help.
    By Pam H.
  • Terrible service. My husband, daughter and myself decided we wanted some pancakes for breakfast. Where do you go.....IHOP! We walked in and were seated very quickly. Our waiter immediately came to take our drink order and asked if we were ready to order. I told him we would need a few minutes to decide. He brings our drinks to the table a couple of minutes later and I immediately notice the tea. Normal tea color but very cloudy, you could not see the straw in it. I tried a drink and OMG I almost spit it back out. I ask him to bring me water instead and told him the tea did not taste right. He explained that it was "fresh brewed" and just stared at me. I again told him that it did not taste right and I would like water instead. Now, I know what you are thinking. So far the service is what some would consider "standard", even I would have thought that......if it weren't for the next part.

    We all finally decide what we are ordering. I order buttermilk pancakes, a 4 stack, with a side of hashbrowns. My husband orders chocolate, chocolate chip pancake combo that comes with eggs (scrambled), hashbrowns, and bacon. My daughter orders the Belgian waffle combo that comes with the same as above but wants sausage links with hers.

    About 10 minutes later our waiter comes out with our plates of food and hands me the pancakes (a 5 stack, not the 4 I ordered), my side of hash browns, hands my husband his pancakes (the chocolate chips are not in the pancakes they are placed in a glob between the 2 pancakes) and hands my daughter his side plate of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon. He walks away and we think he is going get the rest of the food....we were WRONG.

    We flag him down about 5 minutes later and ask where my daughters food is. He got a look of shock on his face and said "be right back". A minute or two later he comes back and informs us that he FORGOT TO PUT HER ORDER IN. WHAT?!?! He then says "what did you order again?" So we repeat her order to him.

    Five minutes later he comes out with a JR Belgian waffle (1/2 waffle), 1 egg and a sausage link. This is not what we ordered. I ask him where the rest of the food is and he tells me that it is the Jr. Belgian waffle combo. I tell him that we did not order the Jr, we ordered the regular. (BTW, I pointed to the menu when she was ordering her food so he would know which one she wanted). He gets a look of confusion and just stares at me. I ask him to bring her the rest of her food and he walks away with the 1/2 plate.

    Not two minutes later the manager finally delivers her plate of food and apologizes for the confusion and lets us know he will only charge her meal as a Jr instead of the full size. Are you kidding me?

    Absolutely ridiculous. This location should be avoided at all costs. I have never had such bad service at ANY restaurant in my life.
    By Mikki L.
  • went there and ordered a regular double cheeseburger and it still had blood pouring out they sandwich, and then traded it for a chicken sandwich, which the chicken was undercooked. the workers are nowhere near friendly. the manager got smart with me when I said, "I want a refund." I believe her name was Mary. then the guy on the line screamed out and said "damn why are you picky" I believe his name was Kerk. omg worst service ever, and they were laughing at this old man cause he has trouble hearing):
    By girlygirl20

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